A comprehensive assessment of an organisation's digital assets, including websites, social media, and digital marketing campaigns helping to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement in digital strategy.

Digital audits are a critical component of modern business operations, helping organisations assess and optimise their digital presence. With the rapid pace of technological change, digital audits can help ensure that companies stay competitive and responsive to changing consumer needs.

At their core, digital audits are comprehensive assessments of an organisation's digital assets, including websites, social media, digital marketing campaigns, and more. They typically evaluate key performance metrics, such as website traffic, engagement rates, and conversion rates, to identify areas of strength and weakness in digital strategy.

Digital audits can help businesses improve their online visibility, enhance their user experience, and drive more meaningful engagement with their target audience. By identifying opportunities for optimisation and improvement, digital audits can help companies stay ahead of the curve and drive sustainable growth.


A digital audit typically entails a comprehensive review of an organisation's digital assets and activities, with the goal of evaluating their effectiveness and identifying opportunities for improvement. Depending on the scope of the audit, it may cover a wide range of areas, including:

Website analysis: A review of the organisation's website to evaluate its design, functionality, user experience, and overall performance.

Social media analysis: An assessment of the organisation's social media presence to evaluate its effectiveness in reaching and engaging with its target audience.

SEO analysis: An evaluation of the organisation's search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts, including keyword research, on-page optimisation, and backlink analysis.

Digital marketing analysis: An assessment of the organisation's digital marketing efforts, including advertising campaigns, email marketing, and other promotional activities.

Analytics review: A review of the organisation's web analytics data to evaluate key performance metrics, such as traffic, engagement, and conversion rates.

The digital audit is designed to provide a comprehensive evaluation of your digital strategy, with the goal of identifying areas for improvement and optimisation. By leveraging the insights gained from a digital audit, you can refine your digital strategy and maximise the impact of your digital assets.