Unlock the future of SEO with our latest blog delving into the predicted marketing trends of 2024. Explore anticipated shifts, and understand how AI, SGE, E-E-A-T, Headless CMS, and Video SEO are set to reshape the digital landscape.

Embarking on the journey into 2024, the landscape of search engine optimisation (SEO) is poised for transformative shifts, driven by emerging trends and technological advancements. As digital marketers, staying ahead of the curve is paramount to navigating the ever-evolving world of online visibility and search engine algorithms.

In this blog, we delve into the predicted marketing trends that will shape SEO strategies in 2024. From the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) to the rise of the search-generative experience (SGE), the importance of E-E-A-T (expertise, experience, authority, and trustworthiness), the evolution of headless content management systems (CMS), and the continued dominance of video content, these trends are set to redefine the SEO landscape in the coming year.

The AI Revolution in SEO

The incorporation of AI into the sphere of SEO and online marketing has evolved from a ground-breaking concept to an integral requirement. AI's profound impact on how we interact with digital material and strategize its design and regulation has established new benchmarks in the field.

In 2023, AI received notable acknowledgement for its crucial role in a broad range of SEO and marketing tech (MarTech) software. Research conducted by Mailchimp revealed that 88% of marketers believe their companies must amplify the use of automation and AI to cater to shifting customer needs while retaining competitiveness.

Looking forward to 2024, it is expected that entities possessing strong marketing structures will utilise advanced and flawlessly incorporated AI abilities, surpassing the simplistic tricks observed in the past. Nevertheless, a word of caution is necessary. Google has released directives encouraging authors to create content that meets their quality criteria. Keep these factors in mind when generating material:

  • Does the content you provide present singular perceptions, investigative findings, studies, or evaluations?

  • Does it delve deeply into the subject matter, providing comprehensive, exhaustive, and meticulous analysis?

  • Does it encompass a revealing study or engaging specifics that go beyond what is superficially obvious?

  • Does your content, when citing other sources, avoid simple duplication or rewording and instead add substantial, unique insight and worth?

  • Does the title or headline accurately reflect the core of the content, providing a valuable synopsis?

  • Does it avoid resorting to sensationalism or the purpose of inducing shock?

  • Would you consider bookmarking this page for later use, recommending it to a friend, or giving your endorsement?

  • Is it plausible that this content could be considered suitable for reference or quoting within a published magazine, encyclopaedia, or literary piece?

  • Does it surpass comparable content in search results in terms of its worth?

  • Are there any problems with the spelling or composition technique?

  • Does the material appear thoroughly composed, or does it give the impression of being haphazard and hastily put together?

  • Does the material stand out as being distinctively tailored, or does it fall under a widespread initiative distributed across multiple creators or platforms, potentially undermining the concentration and excellence of singular works?

Bear in mind that Google has the ability to distinguish low-quality content from outstanding ones. Depending solely on artificial intelligence for generating content could negatively impact your website's search engine rankings.

Search Generative Experience (SGE)

The SGE by Google signifies a ground-breaking transformation in search technologies, ushering us into an epoch where AI powers the pursuit of knowledge. This refined instrument amalgamates data from numerous online platforms, harmoniously integrating imagery, video clips, hyperlinks, and interactive cues. It distinguishes itself from traditional search engines by cultivating a dialogic interaction with users while proficiently predicting their requirements to provide immediate and pertinent revelations.

SGE isn't just another chatbot; it represents a progressive step towards an interactive aide—think of it as Google with a personalised touch. Seek information and SGE delivers you tailor-made responses at the top of your search results, enriched with related links and recommendations for further inquiry. This innovative practice signifies a transition towards more user-friendly searches that not only comprehend but also anticipate the searcher's needs.

Currently estimated at nearly $100 billion, the AI industry that propels SGE is anticipated to soar to an astounding $1.3 trillion by 2032. This impressive growth projection underscores the significant capital influx into AI as various sectors brace themselves for its revolutionary impact.

In relation to the optimisation of SGE, a clear strategy has not been established yet. Nonetheless, some key tenets remain valid: material that accurately and thoroughly responds to user queries is expected to maintain its relevance. Though SGE may provide content improved by artificial intelligence, it also embeds references back to the initial sources of information, emphasising the enduring importance of original and superior-quality content.

Individuals who produce content and those involved in SEO strategy must understand the importance of staying updated with SGE's progression while also acknowledging that traditional SEO remains a cornerstone. Conventional search outcomes continue to hold their ground on SERPs, underscoring their perpetual significance for forthcoming SEO initiatives.

In synchrony with SGE, it’s critical to create content that is analytically strong, articulated in straightforward terms, and systematically organised into distinct sections and bullet points. Elevating your expertise on relevant topics and infusing fresh perspectives can enhance your prominence within SGE's customised responses. Incorporate these factors into your content strategy to effectively adapt to the evolving dynamics of search engine engagement.

At the moment, SGE's impact is confined to an exclusive demographic in America and only available in English; hence, its complete effect on worldwide search behaviours has yet to be fully assessed. That said, it would serve businesses and online professionals well if they began aligning with this innovative search model poised to transform our interaction with the digital universe.

E-E-A-T (Expertise, Experience, Authority, and Trustworthiness)

The idea of topical authority is swiftly becoming a focal point in SEO circles. This notion represents how well a resource can thoroughly discuss a topic, satisfying the information seeker's desire for understanding. The foundation of Google's authority model, symbolised by the acronym E-E-A-T (Expertise, Experience, Authority, and Trustworthiness), supports this type of resource development. A website striving to achieve recognition as an authoritative voice on a particular subject must demonstrate these four elements cohesively.

Establishing yourself as a subject matter expert within a specific field necessitates careful planning and strategy, with the creation of pillar pages emerging as an efficient technique. This process entails choosing an overarching theme and building dense, supportive content around it. For example, by creating a comprehensive manual on content marketing, you create what is known colloquially in SEO terms as a 'pillar page'. From this main point or hub, you can expand into connected fields such as social media management, content production, and graphic design, all of which are interwoven back to your primary platform, further strengthening its foundational essence.

Each background subject should be viewed as an independent cornerstone, further broken down into detailed subsections to improve user-friendly navigation and access to information. However, creating content alone isn't enough; it needs to align with the searcher's purpose, enriching their experience while amplifying your credibility in that particular field.

In the ever-changing realm of SEO, E-E-A-T is poised to take on a more significant role in determining search engine page rankings. Specifically, focusing on expertise underscores the importance of showcasing your sources' credibility and extensive knowledge specific to their field. With Google increasingly prioritising experience factors within its algorithm, it has become vital for websites to openly exhibit their expert status and reliability, as this could significantly impact their ascent up the ladder of search result positioning.

For a successful display of E-E-A-T, emphasising experience, companies should:

  • Enhance their material by incorporating extensive specifics that highlight its worth.

  • Give a personal touch to their website by showcasing real-life case studies, authenticated feedback, and emphasising customer testimonials.

  • Maintain the authenticity of content by ensuring flawless grammar, precision in information, and referencing trustworthy sources.

  • Securing subject-matter expertise is not an idle venture but a proactive quest to become the ultimate data hub for a specific domain. This necessitates designing and executing a strategic plan for content development and enhancement, which encompasses:

    • Creating a repository of high-calibre, specialised content centred around a particular subject.

    • Building a comprehensive library of materials that delve deeply into associated themes and sub-themes.

    • Crafting a website structure that simultaneously assists users and search engines in locating and comprehending the abundance of associated content accessible.

By integrating these methodologies, one steers towards establishing oneself as a reliable and influential figure in their chosen domain, ready to meet the rigorous standards.

Headless CMS and Flexibility

Venturing into 2024, the appeal of headless content management systems (CMS) is anticipated to escalate, particularly with the emergence of AI. These platforms pledge to radically transform content publishing processes by introducing innovative and flexible generative technologies that engage audiences in unprecedented ways. Unlike traditional CMS solutions, a headless CMS lacks an integrated frontend interface, which provides flexibility for developers and SEO specialists like never before. It enables them to leverage numerous technologies to showcase content on multiple channels, such as websites, mobile apps, or Internet-of-Things devices, via API integration.

Adaptability is highly sought-after in the current multifaceted marketing landscape that serves a vibrant and content-driven TikTok demographic. The headless method paves the way for incredible opportunities to ensure uniformity and enhance quality across all channels within marketing strategies.

The idea of a headless content management system (CMS) reached its height in 2023 with the emergence of platforms such as Wix Headless. This platform allows developers to utilise Wix's frontend capabilities along with any technology stack that can access data via a RESTful API, including popular frameworks like React and server-side technologies like Node.js. Consequently, this has broadened the opportunities for innovation and experimentation. Furthermore, partnerships with platforms like Github and Netlify have extended these possibilities by providing an extensive assortment of APIs, software development kits (SDKs), and Next.js templates. It is precisely these flexible systems that make headless CMS so appealing during this creative era.

In the future, it's essentially inevitable that autonomous content systems will integrate seamlessly with personalised AI-generated tools and platforms. The amalgamation of these technologies is poised to improve existing headless infrastructures like chatbots by providing smooth and interactive generative experiences. This fusion of a decoupled CMS system with artificial intelligence signifies a ground-breaking era in content management where possibilities are as boundless as our creativity.

Video SEO Dominance

The online ecosystem is teeming with video content, a format that's easy to consume and proficient in crafting captivating stories, providing an approachable platform for all. Projections suggest there will be nearly 3.5 billion digital video viewers by the close of 2023, underscoring the undeniable attraction towards this form of media. Insightful statistics from reports released in 2023 underscore this fact:

  • A staggering 96% of people have used explainer videos to gain a deeper comprehension of products or services.

  • An overwhelming 89% agree that their buying choices have been swayed by these types of video content.

  • Video content has influenced the purchasing decisions of 79% of consumers when it comes to software or applications.

  • An impressive 91% are eager to encounter more video content related to brands on the internet.

  • Videos emerge as the most widely shared content, with over half (51%) of individuals opting to disseminate video materials above all other forms.

Similarly, Google has also adapted to this emerging trend by prominently showcasing videos in its search outcomes and giving priority to web pages abundant with video content.

What is the methodology for companies to exploit video SEO effectively to engage this expanding consumer base and boost growth? Creating video content that achieves good ranking on Google and YouTube isn't random; it requires a strategic approach. According to Wyzowl's report, marketers are eagerly immersing themselves in videography marketing methods, with data showing 91% of firms integrated videos into their promotional strategies in 2023.

Embarking on video production should never be an impulsive choice. Considering that 70% of marketers who formerly disregarded video are now planning to adopt it, the rivalry is bound to escalate. A well-considered strategy for optimising your videos for SEO becomes instrumental in setting apart your content from a flood of competitors and ensuring it doesn’t just reach but also resonates with and holds the attention of its intended viewership.

To enhance the effectiveness of your video content, initiate a thorough keyword investigation employing resources like those available on YouTube. Integrate these keywords into your video headings, summaries, and tags to enhance their discoverability. The integration of schema markup provides more comprehensive data for search engines, catapulting your videos to higher rankings in search outcomes.

In addition, incorporating various multimedia components, such as videos, is becoming a vital aspect for websites looking to differentiate themselves and ascend the SEO ladder. Well-optimised visuals can supplement written material, further improving user engagement. To maximise video content's impact on your SEO performance, take into account these recommendations:

  • Incorporate subtitles into your material to cater for the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities, as well as give search engines textual content to catalogue.

  • Make certain that your videos enhance and are relevant to the associated written material.

  • It's crucial to continuously update the titles and descriptions of your videos so they precisely represent the content within them.

  • Choose thumbnail images that grab interest and provoke intrigue.

In a time where imagery takes centre stage, these tactics provide a framework for businesses to harness the potential of video content, creating their own unique space in the crowded online marketplace.


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